Privacy policy

In order to comply with the content of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, for Personal Data Protection and other relevant standards, FMF JOYERO 1950, S.L. hereby informs the User that the personal details provided by you throughout the contracting process will be stored in a file owned by FMF JOYERO 1950, S.L. and located in Ctra. Palma del Río Km 3.3- Fábrica 62-63 and will be handled for the purposes of fulfilling your order.

In order to be regarded as a Customer and to be able to make purchases in all Users must be registered. The information collected during the registration process will be stored in a file owned by FMF JOYERO 1950, S.L. The purpose of this file is to process Customer orders and make their shopping experience easier and faster. Once registered, the Customer's information will appear automatically when they make future purchases.

Likewise, with your consent, FMF JOYERO 1950, S.L. will use this file to send you, by e-mail or by ordinary mail, information on special offers, new product launches, etc.
FMF JOYERO 1950, S.L. hereby assures you that the information stored in files owned by the company will not be passed on to third parties. The information will be collected on the FMF JOYERO 1950, S.L. server using SSL protocol and will be encrypted before transmission, thereby guaranteeing your details are kept confidential. The server automatically recognizes the IP address, date and time when the data was recorded, as well as data downloaded from this same address, and we make anonymous perform general market analyses, such as purchasing behavior.
The User can exercise their right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose the handling of their personal details by attaching a copy of the front and back of their identification document and writing to FMF JOYERO 1950, S.L., registered address at Parque Joyero de Córdoba - Fábrica 62-63 Ctra. Palma del Rio, km.3.3 14005 - CÓRDOBA (SPAIN).

Likewise, FMF JOYERO 1950, S.L. hereby informs the Customer that their details will be provided to the Logistics Operator in order for the order to be processed. The Logistics Operator may contact the Customer in order to arrange for the order to be delivered.

The Customer declares that each and every one of the details provided to FMF JOYERO 1950, S.L. during the contracting procedure are correct and authorizes FMF JOYERO 1950, verify that the details are correct.
The details marked with an asterisk or marked as compulsory on the forms that appear during the contracting process must be provided. If they are not provided or they are provided incorrectly, the order cannot be processed.


All content on FMF JOYERO 1950, S.L. website, including but not limited to articles, photos, moving images and graphics, belongs to and is administrated by FMF JOYERO 1950, S.L., whose address is: Parque Joyero de Córdoba - Fábrica 62-63 Ctra. Palma del Rio, km.3.3 14005 - CÓRDOBA (SPAIN).

You are allowed to produce digital and/or physical copies of the content for you own personal use. Any other production of digital or physical copies of content on FMF JOYERO 1950, S.L.’s websites is not allowed. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the right to publish comments and/or other contributions. Should FMF JOYERO 1950, S.L. receive claims related to the content or other contributions which you have posted, such claims will be forwarded to you.

Your comments and/or other contributions must not contain commercial messages. FMF JOYERO 1950, S.L. has unlimited rights to use comments and/or other contributions posted by you in every way and on all present and future media platforms, including but not limited to marketing of FMF JOYERO 1950, S.L.’s products.


All product descriptions, information and materials shown in this website are provided “in the condition they are” with no express or implied guarantees. To the extent permitted by law, we exclude every guarantee, with the exception of the guarantees that can’t be excluded because of the law.

Therefore, all the products have the legal guarantee included in “Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007 from November 16” in which is approved the “Texto refundido de la Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios” (modified by Law 25/2009 from December 22 and Law 29/2009 from December 30).


You are aware the communication with us is an electronic communication. Every contract, information or communication we send you in an electronic way meets legal requirements of been “on paper”.


FMF JOYERO 1950, S.L. cannot be held responsible for non-compliance with the contract undertaken in the event of stock shortage, non-availability of the product, force majeure, disturbance or general or partial strike, in particular, of postal services or transport and/or communications services, flood or fire. In the event of litigation, the Customer should first approach FMF JOYERO 1950, seek a friendly solution.

We are not responsible for withdrawing any product from this website, or denying to place and order that has been confirmed.

Changes to the General Conditions of Sale

FMF JOYERO 1950, S.L. reserves the right to change the General Conditions of Sale without prior notice, and can change, delete or add both the content and services provided via the web site as well as the way in which these are presented or their location on its servers.